Guitar lessons

16Jun 2016
Reasons budding guitarists take guitar lessons

Do you consider yourself a budding guitarist? If you do, what has prevented you from taking guitar lessons? The lessons cover everything you need to become a great guitarist. If you want to be a professional guitarist or musician, the lessons can help you excel at what you do. The lessons make you stand out from the self-taught musicians and guitarists. The full benefits of the lessons to a budding guitarist are as follows:

  • You learn the basics

Playing a guitar is a complex skill. However, before learning the complexities of the trade, you have to sit through some basics first. Basic lessons include learning how to hold and strum the guitar. Other basic lessons that you learn include fretting and guitar theories. Your knowledge of guitar riffs, notes and chords improve substantially as you go through the basic lessons. Having basic knowledge is essential to the successful career you wish to build as a guitarist.

  • You learn to correct your technique

If you have been unsuccessful in playing the right note or producing the correct sound using a guitar, the biggest culprit could be your technique. Unfortunately, you might continue making the same mistake simply because of your failure to take guitar lessons. The lessons are likely to cover areas such as your speed, scales, chords and rhythm that are central to helping you create the right technique. Other areas covered in the lessons to improve your technique include:

  • Pull-offs
  • Hammer-ons
  • Finger picking
  • Alternate picking
  • Playing solos
  • Intricate scales
  • You learn faster and more efficiently

A self-taught approach is great, but quite slow. A self-taught approach lacks the efficiency you need to be an exceptional guitarist. In fact, you need almost thrice as much time and effort to learn on your own, as you would take in guitar lessons taught by a professional teacher. A teacher develops a curriculum that he follows while teaching the lessons. The structured nature of the lessons is one of their most attractive features.

Lastly, the teacher offers one-on-one interaction, which is great at identifying and pinpointing the exact problems as well as issues you face while playing the guitar. Furthermore, the teacher is able to customize the lessons based on your specific needs or requirements. In addition to this, the lessons provide you with the opportunity to put everything you learned into practice, thereby improving your skills. The lessons are perfect for honing different techniques and skills.

Therefore, register for guitar lessons today and work to be one of the best guitarists.





16Jun 2016
What you must avoid during guitar lessons to become a great guitarist

Do you struggle with creativity when playing the guitar? Are your technical skills below par thus preventing you from excelling as a guitarist? In such cases, the best path to follow would be signing up for guitar lessons. The lessons are important in transforming you into a great guitarist. The lessons are crucial whether you are naturally talented or not. Nonetheless, your goals would be hard to achieve if you make any of the mistakes mentioned below.

  • Making excuses

Any person who tried learning to play the guitar understands how difficult such a task can be. The patience, physical and emotional strength as well as tolerance required to improve your guitar-playing skills is exceptional. You have to overcome your fears and the bad habits that discourage you from proceeding with the guitar lessons. Overcoming challenges is something that you must strive to do all the time to learn to play guitars exceptionally well.

Remember that you’re your biggest enemy. Ask questions during the lessons. Follow up each lesson with practice to master the skills your teacher wishes to impart to you. Surround yourself with people who have excelled at playing guitars and learn from them. Don’t forget that each time you overcome an excuse, you draw a step closer to achieving your dream of becoming one of the best guitarists.

  • Making wrong decisions

Your future hinges on the decisions you make each day. You can predict the kind of future that awaits you by evaluating the quality and types of decisions you make daily. You can become a great musician and guitarist by learning from the past wrong decisions that you made. You can become a greater guitarist by avoiding the wrong decisions outright. Don’t make your life a product of the past circumstances that you endured. Enjoy the guitar lessons instead.

  • Learning with a wrong mindset

Your mindset is capable of giving you a torrid time while learning new guitar lessons. A wrong mindset attracts failure. The right mindset attracts success. Demand success and musical greatness from your mind. Work with a winning mindset. Learn the lessons with a winning mindset. Therefore, before you ever sit through the first lesson, you ought to work on your mindset and ensure that it propels you to greatness rather than fear and failure.

As this article has shown, you can be a great guitarist depending on the mindset that you possess when showing up for guitar lessons. Face each lesson with the right mentality. Avoid making wrong decisions all the time. Avoid making excuses and simply endeavor to learn from the best guitar teachers. If you do this religiously, begin looking forward to seeing your guitar-playing skills go several notches higher.