I’m a Beginner Guitarist!

Don’t be worried. The courses on offer are from beginners level to advance level. Courses start from “How to hold a pick” and gets more difficult as you learn how to play your guitar

How Experienced is the Instructors?

The instructors can do more than play the guitar. The instructors know how to instruct and they are from all around the world and ranges from touring professionals to college professors. They know how to teach you to play the guitar easily and effortlessly.

I Don’t Trust Most Of The Online Guitar Lesson Providers!

We’ve been providing offline guitar lessons and are accredited and thus we’ve decided to have both online and offline lessons to cater for the overwhelming need. We know how to provide multimedia guitar instruction because we have tested a pilot run online guitar lessons before formally launching it.

What Kind of Tricks Will I be able To Learn?

You will learn a wide variety of tricks from holding a pick to advanced tricks like alternate picking, bending, hybrid picking, rolls, finger picking, double stops, sweep picking, slapping and much much more.

Will I Be Able To Pursue My Own Style?

Yes you can. When you learn from 2 – 3 instructors, can limit your style, but with the giant roster of instructors you will be able to learn all the nuances and techniques. You will immediately see the difference and can pursue your own style with the basics you’ve learned.

I’m an Experienced Guitarist And Can’t Find Lesson Providers From Whom I Can Learn More!

For over 10 years a giant library of instruction materials has been collected to take experienced guitarists to their limit. With over 3 000 lessons you will never reach the end and will you always be able to learn.

I’m Not Interested In Playing The Guitar, But I Know Someone Who Is.

Well, no problem. Gift certificates are on offer and you can treat that person with one year subscription so that he/she are able to fulfill their dream as a country guitar player.

I Can’t Wait To Get Started – Where Do I Sign Up?

Please send us an email through our contact page and we’ll be glad to reach out.