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How skilled are you in reading guitar tabs? If your skills are above average, you won’t have trouble joining the music band of your choice. If your skills are below average, you would have to improve them first before joining any music band. Guitars are mandatory when playing any type of music. The basic roles that guitars (and guitar tabs) play in any music setup mostly revolve around the following:

  1. Textural/timbre
  2. Harmonic
  3. Melodic
  4. Rhythmic

Incorporating guitar in the band

Therefore, if you consider the important roles of guitars in any music band, you would have to agree that your skills in reading guitar tabs should be exceptional to excel. A guitar can play main melody or be nothing more than an accompaniment. Nonetheless, you must take basic and advanced guitar lessons to learn to incorporate it in a band. After all, in a band, the guitar is one of the instruments. Playing in a band requires harmony to produce great sound and music.

You need more than theory

Your hesitancy in learning guitar tablature might be because of the discouragement you experienced from others in the past. One of the most common statements made to discourage learners is that too much theory kills creativity. Learning by yourself isn’t bad. Nevertheless, learning from other guitar experts is more productive. Theory is both easy and complex. Easy because you can learn it, but complex due to the many tiny stuff needed to produce great music.

Understand what each line represents

Guitar tabs contain six horizontal lines. Each line is a representation of the six strings that are in a guitar. The thinnest string appears as the top line on the tablature. The thickest string is the lowest line on the tablature. Reading and understanding the tabs is not the only guitar lesson you need to learn. You also have to learn how to write the tabs. Such lessons make you a valuable member of the music band you intend to join.

Write exceptional music

As a member of the band, you would obviously want to write music to play on the guitar. How do you plan to do that with poor guitar tabs skills? A guitarist is part of a unique breed of musicians. A guitarist must possess basic and advanced skills. One of the basic skills you must learn is reading music. It’s hard to teach yourself how to read music, since it requires a great amount of work.

Therefore, don’t join any music band if you ignore guitar tabs.

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